Head of Schools Message

Dear esteemed parents,

We at CHAD strive to provide a conducive atmosphere for your children to flourish. Our main focus is impacting knowledge through building confidence, Discipline and character in our children. To ensure every pupil gets the required attention they need and that is why the school has only an arm of each class to maintain standards all year round.


Mrs. Ediri Ororho  –  Head Of School





We pride ourselves in our teaching methods which are always child focused. Class size of 15 children, 2 adults to ensure every child No child is left behind. The Curriculum of England and Nigeria are both used to create a dynamic scheme. Learning is never abstract and the children are taught to take charge of their learning. Our environment is super clean and colourful to stimulate learning...

  • Academic Performance
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Quality of Service

Sport Complex/Play Ground

Good & Standard Library

Sick Bay

Splish Splash for younger children
French or foreign languages
Inter-House Sports
Quiz/Debate/Spelling Bee

  • Art and Craft
  •  Ballet
  •  Foreign Languages

Our carefully considered, balanced curriculum helps to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for life as a responsible citizen in the 2lst Century.

  •  Phone: +2349076781199